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Mekong Delta - A day Trip
After spending our first day in Vietnam exploring some historical monuments of Ho Chi Minh city, we spent...
angkor wat sunrise
Angkor Wat - The Ancient One
So, after the visit to Vietnam, we moved on to Cambodia where we were to visit Angkor Wat. The temple...
Gujarat School Trip 2024!!!
So last year at about this time Podar International School grades 4-9 travelled to Bangalore and Mysore...
Corals at Phu Quoc with OnBird
I recently got back from a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and one of my favourite parts of the trip was...
Varanasi/Benaras - City of Ghats
The City of Death. Moksh. Manikarnika. Assi Ghat. Kashi Vishwanath Temple. All these words are connected...
Inside Hobbit Hole
Hobbiton with the Evening Banquet
The road goes ever on and on and we too would continue down it heading north through New Zealand but...
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-25 at 09.59
Kaikoura: Swimming with Dolphins
New Zealand is popular for dolphin viewing and at many places around New Zealand there are operators...
QT Lake
New Zealand - Queenstown and Milford Sound
I recently returned from a 15-day road trip in New Zealand with my family. I’ll be breaking that trip...
Messing Up Books - DB Works_edited
Book Sanitizing: A Wise Choice or Censorship?
Stephen King once said, “Books are the perfect entertainment.” But many people think that though books...
Bangalore School Trip 2023!!!
School is the place where people learn and grow throughout their lives. 12 years are put into school...
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