Covid-19: The Good, The Bad and The Crazy

Hello everybody, today I will be talking about Covid-19 or the Coronavirus. It has swept the world by storm and not the good kind of storm like the Lord of The Rings movie trilogy.

First off, it is a virus which is attacking everything in its path as you are already aware.

I’m going to start with the bad as I won’t dwell on it for too long.

I read this comic by Bill Waterson where Calvin brings an old charcoal briquette to school saying it’s a rock burnt by a UFO. He claims that aliens are infiltrating the highest levels of government as they speak. This is what is happening with the coronavirus it is infiltrating the highest levels of government. Think about it, Prince Charles has caught coronavirus, so has Boris Johnson. That was only 2 out of the 100s of prime ministers, presidents and royalty that have been infected. Finally, something which is bothering everyone, young or old, rich or poor, male or female alike; the lockdown. I mean sure it’s a good thing but it does not make anybody’s life easy. What will staying at home do for say a beggar or a homeless daily wage earner (a person who earns his food everyday)? Outside is his home.

Obviously, people are completely freaking out which is not needed at all, and simply gets in the way instead of helping.

Now for the good. There isn’t much good except for the environment and nature. The birds have started singing again, the pollution rates have gone down and so has the litter. When I used to look out of the window, I would see cars everywhere, now I only see a handful of cars.

Come on nature, say thank you to whoever created the coronavirus (I suppose that is you yourself).

Finally, the crazy. This is the social media side of Covid-19. It is straight up crazy. Don’t believe me? Check your WhatsApp right now and check how many messages there are. Then, check how many of them are related to the coronavirus. Now do you believe me? Go to google and type coronavirus you are answered by statistics and headlines saying “Worldwide six month lockdown in question” or “Covid-19: World Under Fire”.

Now let me talk about me. It was my birthday on 25th March and I didn’t step out of my house but spent the day playing various games with my parents. I cut a cake, my parents cooked a special meal, but everything was done at home.

I am playing a lot of fun games daily due to the lockdown and have even created my own games which I play alone and with my parents. For example, I play a game where you need to hit a table-tennis ball with a skinny bat which comes from a broken pichkari (water-shooter) with my father. I have also made an obstacle course in my house which all three of us participate in and are getting better at everyday.

My reading is mostly online now even though I am re-reading some of my old books as well. The reason I am doing so much reading online is that #AmarChitraKatha and #Tinkle are giving their apps for free. I also read a lot of new e-books, as well, e-books do not carry coronavirus so you can read them all day. I have also been introduced to audiobooks as Amazon-Audible is letting kids listen to them for free.

I have also started using online classrooms from my school which is a first. But they are not very helpful and a little annoying as there is a lot of setting up to do and you have to constantly switch off and on the microphone. I am taking online coding classes on WhiteHat Jr. as well which are interesting.

The whole world is in lockdown from Australia to India to USA. So, let every scientist known to man work to find a cure for Corona so that we can celebrate and shout “Hey Corona, Take That!!”

Yipes, living in these times is tough but we make do with what we have got … right?

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