How I designed my New Room

BIG REAL-LIFE NEWS! Me and my parents are going to move to a new house! We are going to do up the interiors as. While this is not the first time, we have moved houses, this is the first time, I am old enough to contribute to the interior decoration project! My parents have left it to me to plan my room and check if it works with them and then we’ll go right ahead with it. I rushed to the internet for help and found a lot of information. Most of it really helped me and it might help you too.

Know Your Room:

Knowing the basic measurements of your room and the furniture you will take with you is important as messing that up can cause a lot of hassles.


The first step is to break your room down and understand what is in it. It’s easy to go straight to the interesting things but if you don’t consider all the parts your interesting things will be a flop. Don’t go overboard with exact measurements but at the very least get a list of all the moveable1 and modular2 furniture in your room and the size of your room. Then decide what you’ll keep from the stuff you have and what will need to go or be replaced. The average kid’s room will have a desk, a bed, a closet, storage for assorted stuff and possibly a bookshelf. Once to have a preliminary list of items plan and see if everything will fit. I want one wall in my room to be completely empty, so I must work around that. These sorts of conditions make this planning phase challenging but also interesting. After you have everything placed you are ready for the next step.

The Theme and Colour:

When anyone says a kids, room should be a vibrant room, bright colours, lots of space and toy-boxes working as a skirting come to mind. A small single bed, a small desk maybe a bookshelf and a small closet for clothes. But I am an 11-year-old tweenager who in two years will be a teenager. I googled ‘teenage boy bedroom’ and all I saw were black, white or grey walls completely covered in posters with dark brown desks and sad looking beds. Being a tweenager poses the problem of being close to your teenage years but still wanting the bright shiny colours of your childhood. One thing to remember about colours is that it is usually a good idea to use two shades that either complement each other or are in sharp contrast. Complimenting colours are colours of the same of same or similar palette that work well. Contrast on the other hand are colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel from each other. For example, a room painted bright red walls could go with a green wardrobe. After planning yours out you can continue.

Plugs, Switches and other electrical points:

With digital tech on the rise, you will need plug-points to charge your devices and switches to activate and deactivate your lights, fans etc. Are you the kind of person who forgets to put things on charge before school? Then place your plugs around your desk like in proper offices. Have one at the foot of your bed too if you want. Where you put your plugs is up to you but remember to think about your plug-style. Switches have to be in a spot that is easily accessible. I think putting switches by the door is best since you can switch them on and off on your way in and out respectively. Though if you read in bed, you want at least one reading light by your bed so that you don’t have to walk around before dropping off to sleep at night. These things may seem trivial, but they make or break how convenient things are in a room.


This kind of goes hand in hand with the colour scheme, something that I mentioned earlier but unlike colours your décor can also be functional. “What! No! You’re lying!” I assure you it’s true. Did you know a whiteboard is magnetic? You can use it as both a place to hang pictures and a whiteboard. I’m saying go all out to-do lists on the wall but corkboards, whiteboards, pegboards, calendars and more in moderate amounts are helpful. Earlier I talked a bit about posters, and this is something I don’t really understand. People fill their bedroom walls with posters! I get hanging up a couple for your favourite band, but covering up all the walls feels a bit mad! But hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess. Blank rooms may be a bit boring, but decoration overload is not good either!


This section is aimed at the children reading this. When interior designers are designing your room, they will address you not your parents. So, you should be able to talk to them without asking your parents what a word means or giving a vague description. These are a few terms I picked up along the way. You don’t have to know them all but it is good to have a general idea about them.

· Modular – Any furniture that comes in parts. Modular furniture is also movable furniture sometimes.

· Movable – Pretty self-explanatory. Any moveable furniture.

· Veneer – A finish on wood that still looks like wood.

· Laminate – Another a bright finish on wood that is kind of reflective but not that much.

· Sunmica – A third finish on wood but this is my personal favourite as the matte finish type feels very nice.

· Glossy Finish – A shiny finish on wood

· BWR Plywood – Boiling Water-Resistant Plywood is a wood that is boiling water resistant. This kind of plywood is normally used in kitchens.

Good Luck decorating your room! If you do take my advice post a pic of your room on my Facebook page or email me. (my email id is in the “about” section). Hope to see lots of pictures soon, Goodbye.

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