GOLD – Movie Review

I watched the movie Gold with my Mom at a neighbouring theatre in #Mumbai. Here is my first movie review for a Bollywood movie.

Main characters: Tapan Das (Akshay Kumar), Monobina Das, Samrat , Raghubir Pratap Singh, and Himat Singh.

Settings: Berlin, Bombay and different cities of India and London

Review: The movie first shows India winning hockey gold as British-India in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The game started off as a tight match, and the host German team was getting favored by the referee. But, then, the Indian team played exceptionally well winning the gold by 8-1 goals. During the medal ceremony, the British anthem was played, and the British India Flag raised. This is when captain Samrat and junior manger Tapan Das promised themselves to eventually win gold as independent India. Then it depicts Tapan’s struggle to create an Olympic winning team, keep it together and of course win the gold medal. The big hurdles Tapan had to cross to achieve his dream is World War II and the partition. The original team he creates after a lot of hard work collapses during the partition. Again, he has to rebuild his team. The movie finally ends at the London Olympics 1948 at the Hockey Finals.

This was a touching tale, making almost everyone cry at the end. The movie had a fair amount of violence and drunkenness. Akshay Kumar did superb acting the whole way and the Bengali accent he put up was spot-on. The other actors also looked very appropriate to the role they played. My Mom loved Samrat played by Kunal Kapoor. The drama, background music and expressions filled in the movies gaps making it a single piece.

The movie review board has made the correct choice in giving it a PG (Parental Guidance) rating. It has a fair amount of violence shown during the partition struggles. The way the country’s partition led to huge amounts of violence between the people moving through Hindustan and Pakistan was well portrayed. Some children might want to close their eyes at these specific scenes in the movie. The movie also shows lots of drunkenness with champagne and alcohol and a few cigarettes. There is also a bit of swearing sprinkled around the movie.

But, overall, it is a very uplifting movie which teaches us to respect our country and never give up on our dreams. It shows that perseverance always pays at the end. And, I feel that this is a very important lesson for us kids. So, go and enjoy the movie GOLD.

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