“The Getaway” – Book Review

THE GETAWAY is the newest DIARY OF A WIMPY KID book.

Summary – It’s Christmas and the Heffleys are way behind on decorating the house. Suddenly, Greg’s Mom and Dad decide that they are going to the resort they had been to for their honeymoon called Isla De Corales. And they are going to fly to the resort. His parents thought a few days in paradise should do wonders to the family. But, as you expect, the roads to the airport were full of traffic. At the airport, after a long security check-in and other surprises, they finally board the plane; but even the flight goes wrong with annoying co-passengers and bawling babies.

At the resort, Greg loved the sunny and warm weather. They did lots of activities which were supposed to be fun but ended up in disasters but that is what always happens to the Heffleys. That is what makes these diaries funny. In this book, they ended up in such soup, that they even got thrown out of the resort. Thankfully, they were able to sneak back in, and have lots of fun. Guess what, Greg got to do one of his wish-list activities for free.

What I liked about the book – The Getaway is the first book where the Heffleys take a flight and go abroad. This book takes you to a nice and warm beach resort with loads of water sports. I loved the section where the family did banana boating. I will not tell you what happens during the boating as that would spoil the fun for you. The other super fun part of the book is when Greg reaches the Dolphin enclosure and gets to swim with dolphins, a long-cherished dream of his.

This book made me laugh out loud with its funny jokes at a lot of places. I read the book during my Christmas holidays, and it was raining and grey in London. So, reading this book felt like I was actually out in the sunny Isla De Corales. I loved the description of all the outdoor sporting activities.

The events in Wimpy kid diaries are always super-strange and disastrous. But, in the Getaway, some of the events feel far-fetched and stretched and are a little too boring to read. I have been on quite a few plane-rides, and the economy class is really not as bad and torturous as it is made out to be. You do get food, even if you have to buy it, and the seats definitely have cushioning.

In this series, the pictures in the books look great and help tell the story. But, in The Getaway, some of the pages have a few too many pictures. This makes the reader get confused between reading the words, and admiring the pictures.

I would say for Diary of the Wimpy kid fans, this is a must-read. But, anyone not familiar with the series, this is not the best book to start with. You will be better off starting with Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the first book of the series).

Rating = 7/10

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