The Ice Monster – David Walliams

The Ice Monster #TheIceMonster is the newest book David Walliams has written. If you have read any of his books you will know that his book’s are illustrated in a very detailed manner. Each story starts by explaining some characters and the setting very briefly. Then starts of with a bang. According to the blurb The Ice Monster is a story of a 10 year-old girl, and a 10,000 year-old mammoth. It tells you heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

About some of the characters: our 10 year old Elsie is the hero, then there is the professor one of the baddies, Dotty who is Dotty by name and is told to be dotty by nature and of course, the 10,000 year old mammoth. Though the adventure takes place in 1899 –1900 in London it will provide excitement for readers in every corner of the world.

I think The Ice monster is an interesting read and has beautiful wording. In other words, everything simply slides into your head and fits in like a puzzle. I think, the illustrations are beautiful and join the story well also without them the book would be less interesting. By the way Mr. Walliams’ illustrator is Mr. Dahl’s as well. His name is Tony Ross.

You can almost jump into the book as one of the characters or as a viewer. By the way, I chose viewer as it is more interesting. I think this is better because then you don’t miss a single scene in your imagination and to support this I will quote the saying: Book are the best gifts as they have whole worlds inside which in this case is 1899, London. A viewers point of view will definitely not miss a spot of London. I agree to a quote that the Telegraph wrote “Dahl finally has a worthy successor” as each book he has written comes out better than the last.

The Ice Monster is an unputdownable book filled with mythical things and while reading it you must expect the unexpected. It has comedy, adventure and much, much more. It is one of David Williams best books. It may be equal to any classic you can think of. The rest about this book you should read and find out. There are other popular books written by David Walliams such as Bad Dad, Billionaire Boy, Awful Auntie and Demon Dentist. Excluding The Ice Monster Mr. Walliams has written 12 books.

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