Ireland – Ring of Kerry Adventure

Last October holidays, my family went to #Ireland for a short road-trip. We landed at Dublin, and hired a car to drive around the country. We drove to #Kilkenny, and stayed overnight to start our #RingofKerry adventure the next morning. This is the review of this special adventurous day we had driving around the amazing Ring of Kerry.

The Ring of Kerry is a popular tourist spot in Ireland known for its beaches and castles. It goes around the N71 to Kenmare, then the N70 around the Iveragh Peninsula to Killorglin – passing through Sneem, Waterville, Cahersiveen, and Glenbeigh and then it returns to Killarney via the N72. It as you can figure a ring near Killarney in a place called you guessed it Kerry.

Adventure No.1- #Rossbeigh

First in the Ring of Kerry, we stopped at a beach called Rossbeigh. When we reached, we realised that although it was meant to be a sandy beach, but because there was a high-tide, all the sand was covered with waves, and it has become a rocky beach. I and Mamma climbed more than 25 rocks and had great fun. I jumped in a few waves and dipped my hand in the sea-water while nobody was watching. My Didu has a collection of rocks and so, we took a white and green rock for her collection. It is best to come at high tide if you like rock climbing but if you like sand castle building come later and it will be low tide.

Adventure No.2 – Medieval Fort

Next in the Ring of Kerry, we spotted a medieval fort. When we entered the fort, my dad had to duck as the door was very low like 5.5 feet (1.6764m). First bit of fun we did at the fort was climbing up the fort wall. There were stairs, thankfully. After me and dad had climbed to the highest part of the fort, we got down carefully. There was a big circle in the middle of the fort. It looked like a well. In the well type object, there was a rock with a hole filled with water and pebbles. I found a stick and started stirring it like I was making a potion. Also just outside the fort there is a log behind the well type object. Here we stopped had some water. This is a nice spot for adventurous person and a good rock climber.

Adventure No.3 – Ballycarbery Castle

The Ballycarbery Castle was our next stop. The castle was like a huge grey stone wall. I liked the bits that were a bit broken, for example, the big gaping hole by the wall that you could fall through if you were not careful. Talking about the hole, it turned out to be the window for the cellar-type room underneath.

My dad spotted a secret passage, I’ll tell you how it goes. We went to the back of the castle to take a look. I thought we have to climb all the way down the steep steps. But, it turned out the secret passage was an easier way out of the castle. First, we crept down some steps, and we saw the beautiful countryside with cows grazing in the meadow. Then, we went inside the cellar and there was a long log which nearly stretched from one end of the room to the other. We again saw the toothy hole and a noisy rock floor. After this we went over the sea and stop at a cliff viewing it on the way to Skellig Island and clicked some pictures

Adventure No.4 – Derrynane Beach, Skellig Island

This is a very beautiful and extensive sandy beach in Derrynane Bay. Derrynane beach without a doubt one of the most beautiful, peaceful and cleanest beaches anywhere. It is very near the popular home of Daniel O’Connell a famous Irish politician, so a visitor can take in the house and gardens as well which we didn’t do for 2 reasons.

1. We were not in the mood to hang around more.

2. It was getting late.

I also read this place is good for camping.

The plan above is perfect for any age above 3 year olds with adventurous spirits. The mediaeval fort and Ballycarbery Castle are awesome for rock collectors and climbers and if you like making sandcastles and patterns in the sand you will love Derrynane Beach, Skellig Island. As for Rossbeigh it is neutral and depends on what time you come. The main thing you need for this is a car as it is fun for all if you are able to stop and go as you please. Though about Adventure 4 the sand at the beach is quite tightly packed so making sandcastles is not easy and patterns are easier. Start a little early so you can play at the beach longer if you like sandcastle-building and drawing patterns in the sand.

The best idea I can think of is to make a day out of it. That means you do Rossbeigh, The mediaeval fort, have lunch and then do Ballycarbery Castle and Derrynane Beach, Skellig island. For lunch there is a rocky beach outside Ballycarbery castle perfect for a pit stop. For food it is a perfect picnic point so sandwiches, cake and maybe a couple packs of chips is okay. I would not suggest bringing anything too heavy or it will take too much time to complete and you will have less time for the adventures after it. There are some other pit-stops you could make they include a cliff which we climbed and got a brilliant view of the sea.

Have Fun!!!

A quick parent tip: children under 5 feet, 36 kg and 11\12 years in age need car seats. Addition: You could try 2 days as I said earlier Derrynane beach is good for camping.

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