5 good kid-friendly restaurants in London by cuisine

Attention, all foodie Londoners. I know “5 good kid-friendly restaurants in London by Cuisine” sounds like a long odd topic to choose but I have my reasons. The first reason is I am going to London soon and have lived there for 5 years. Secondly, I wanted to have a few restaurants that are kids-friendly and in London to share with whoever reads my blog and for myself to visit again when I go to London in a few days. The other reason is I wanted to write about restaurants serving my 5 favourite cuisines.

Mediterranean – Genzo; It is at 212 High Rd, East Finchley, London N2 9AY, UK. I have been there so many times that I have lost count. They make stunning Chicken Souvlaki and Meat Moussaka They also serve fresh pita bread and good dips like hummus. For dessert, I suggest Vanilla Panna cotta with an ice cream flavour of your choice, I especially like mango. One great thing is even if the restaurant is busy; they try to get your order as fast as possible. Genzo have plush chairs, nice tables, and a soft music playing in the background

South-east Asian – Wagamama; It is a chain consisting of more than 30 outlets in London so you can find one fairly close by wherever you are in the city. I especially like their Prawn lollipops and Chicken katsu curry. My parents liked the Ramen a lot. If you are a child, they give you a free Babyccino. They also have a wide selection of juices and mocktails. The seating is cushioned stools and benches. They have exceptionally bright lighting. Another good thing about them is that they have a kids menu, which doubles as a colouring paper to entertain us kids.

Mexican – Wahaca. I said ‘in London’ but you can find Wahaca in many cities. They make amazing tacos and burritos. I can also remember the nachos and quesadillas. The helpings are small for items like tacos and quesadillas so you can try multiple things. They have well-cushioned seats and the perfect music to pep things up a bit, if you need to be cheered up. The staff is friendly to kids. They have fast service, so if you want to eat out on a school night this is where you go.

Custom Penne Pasta From Vapiano

Italian – Vapiano; Like Wahaca, Vapiano is also all over the world. Here not only is the food very good, there are also some other aspects that are unique. For starters, you can customize your pasta to the last sprinkle of oregano (if you include it). You can also watch them making the pasta as in even making the pasta shells. Because the selection of restaurants is also based on kid-friendliness I will mention that they have, something called airplane pasta, which is penne pasta shaped like an airplane which is only given to people under 11. You can also customize your pizza. After you have placed your order, they give you a device, which beeps and glows red when your customized pizza and pasta is ready. You can sit and enjoy your food in the beautiful seating and lighting. After the meal as you leave you can grab a few gummy bears to enjoy on your way home.

Rasa’s Snack and Chutney Platter

Indian – Rasa; Rasa is at 6 Dering St, Mayfair, London W1S 1AD, UK. I suggest taking the appams, which are a spongy rice pancake soft at the centre and a bit crispy at the edges, essential for mopping- up moist curries; they are also good to have plain. They make good Malabar Erachi Charu which is tender pieces of lamb cooked with aromatic spices, turmeric, red chillies and onions. They have 2 levels of seating, leather seats and light music to fill in the conversation. About kid friendliness, well they once let me make an appam. No kidding. So try it out.

If these 5 restaurants don’t tickle your taste buds, nothing will.

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