Christmas Spirit 2.0

It’s that month again, when you are nearing the year’s end, and something is just around the corner, that’s Christmas! Christmas is a very important to people in many ways. For some it’s a time of happiness and prayer when they refocus before the next year. For some it’s a time of stocking up on mince pies and setting up a Christmas tree. For yet others it’s a time to make a wish list for themselves as well as find presents for others to give them a pleasant surprise for Christmas. No matter how you celebrate it, Christmas means a great many things but now, what does it mean NOW?

In these times the word ‘now’ has two meanings when you think about it. On the one hand now is the time of the Coronaster the great overlord that has control over our every step. On the other, in the twenty-first century now is a time of being on the bleeding edge of technology. One wonders in these times what an age-old tradition like Christmas means.

Beginning with the latter Christmas means a chance to get together with friends and family and get off the digital screens that are in our faces all the time. It’s a time to be spent shopping and praying and laughing with your family. Giggling while you lay awake for Father Christmas or sneaking gifts under the tree. In the twenty first century Christmas is a call to explore the actual world around you. In the twenty-first century the capitalistic side of Christmas has come to the fore, from top-of-the-line real trees to expensive gifts, Christmas is a time people spend money, but the true meaning of Christmas is not that. It is in being with the people in our lives that matter the most.

Now, in 2021 CE, Christmas is more important than ever before. It is a time to remember that no matter how bleak things may feel because of the pandemic, there is a bright future ahead; one full of family and friends. Though times are tough, and everyone is tired of the current happenings, Christmas is a time that will bring families together because the bonds of family are virtually indestructible.

So, even though times have been tough, you must remember that a new year is around the corner; a new chance to do everything better. But why wait; Christmas is time for you to make up for your mistakes and to show your love for your family and friends.

This Christmas join your family over a video call or in person if you are able to and always remember to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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