Grit – The Major Story Review

Now, anyone can claim to being a heroic visionary but there are only few people who deserve that distinction. Adults have their role models and teens have them too. But it is children who really need good role models in their early years. So, VR Ferose, Sriram Jagannathan and Major DP Singh bring to you a new autobiography, which is in the form of a graphic novel. Grit: The Major Story is about the life, struggles and triumph of Major DP Singh a hero amputee.

Written like a superhero comic, the illustrations make it feel like you are watching a movie with someone narrating their life.

The fluid transitions between black and white and colours made it all the more interesting to read. One big writing challenge is to appeal to your reader’s emotions. This book makes you feel happier or sadder or more determined in its various scenarios. Sriram Jagannathan (the illustrator and scripter) has merged the words and illustrations very smoothly.

I am not a big non-fiction reader but this book was a nice exception. The book starts in the middle of the Major’s childhood when he is about seven years old. They spend a lot of time describing how he got disabled during the Kargil war. I do wish they had covered in more detail how he adapted to his new life and became a real-life hero. The end also seems a little abrupt because in an attempt to sum up the whole story it makes the finish too sudden.

The simply illustrated diagrams and maps give us a different but better view into the happenings in the Major’s life. This makes it much easier to grasp and understand the story. The lengthy changes are summed up in small diagrams and they transport us into the world of the Major and gets the reader very involved and interested.

VR Ferose is an author, columnist and inclusion evangelist. He was in charge of the idea.

Major DP Singh is a war veteran and the hero of this story. He was the inspiration and narrated this story to Sriram Jagannathan the writer and illustrator from Chennai who spearheaded this creation.

The book is meant to provide support the India Inclusion movement as the graphic novel March did for the American Civil rights movement. In my mind this book is meant to connect with the younger generation and give them a real hero and role model to look up to, not an imaginary one.

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