The Rise of Marvel

Marvel has exploded! From a small comic book in 1939 to making the second highest grossing film in the world but how did they manage to gain this popularity? What has made them so big in both comic and film industries? Today I am going to take a look.

First, we need to understand what Marvel is. Marvel Studios is a comic and movie company credited with making some of the most popular movies on the planet. They have a dedicated fanbase that is always ready to buy tickets to the newest movie or subscribe to OTT channels where they stream. So, what does this company do to inspire these fans?

From the WRITERS side!


From a man who fought in World War II to a teen web-head; Marvel’s characters cover every conceivable demographic. Every person has a clear personality and an associated set of traits. This makes them understandable and explains why they do what they do. Most character descriptions are embedded into the movies through origin stories and passing references to past life events; but all done in a subtle way rather than being explicitly stated. You feel more connected to each character as you discover their traits, as if if they were actual people you interacted with. So, if Avengers: Endgame brought tears to your eyes you know why.


Having a star-studded cast of characters isn’t enough to make anything good. The most important tool when writing is the Plot or idea. Without this, the book or movie would be as tedious as a listing of characters and settings. Marvel’s plots are designed to make you not just enjoy the immediate story but also eagerly wait for the next film or comic. From crazy twists and turns to all-out action, the plots of the comics and the movies this company makes are deeply engrossing. They also use post-credit scenes in their movies making people wait till the end and exciting them for the next movie.


This has become even more prominent with the introduction of comic genius, Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman, but from the very start there was an interesting humour in all Marvel stories. It was full of comments and irony and sarcasm that made it an experience on a different level. The humour is delivered through pauses and verbal banter among characters, lightening the mood in the middle of intense scenes.

From the MOVIES side!


Marvel has some top of the line editors to make sure the CGI they use to make Robert Downey jr. fly or Mark Ruffalo become The Hulk are the best there is. While some scenes stretch the boundaries of ones imagination, anything goes in the Marvel world and you have to look hard to find mistakes.


In this world money is an important factor for doing anything. Marvel Entertainment had just started out in the film industry. Thankfully for them, Disney stepped in and bought Marvel out, giving them funding and relationships. Marvel turned into Marvel Studios and has gone on to make multi-billion dollar movies.

So, if you want to run a big movie company these are the key ingredients you need.

Hope to see you in the movies soon, bye!

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