Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior – A Review

Recently I watched Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior in 3D. It is a Hindi movie based in the Shivaji era. It has a 4.9-star rating on book-my-show and I would give it the same. Below is a short review.

In the Shivaji era, Mughals and Marathas were in constant war with each other. Shivaji’s greatest fighter Tanhaji fought with Mughals for Swaraj (independence). This movie shows how Tanhaji portrayed by Ajay Devgan battled Udaybhan portrayed by Saif Ali Khan. He stays loyal to his duties even when he wants to make it back to his son and wife portrayed by Kajol. He faces many challenges and even gets captured but escapes.

The special effects were amazing especially in the fight scenes. Though some fight scenes were a little unrealistic. Such as Tanhaji strolling down the battlefield getting hit in the back with an arrow and not even caring. It was nice to see how some people are so connected to their nation. Saif Ali Khan did very well as Udaybhan and Sharad Kelkar’s Shivaji Swaraj act was stunning.

I am not a big fan of war movies because of the violence but this wasn’t so bad at all. It is rated PG (Parent Guidance) and the rating makes good sense. Watching the movie in 3D expands the sight as in 2D when a spear is thrown at the screen its not the same as a spear thrown in 3D as it looks like the spear is coming towards you. I actually checked my seat to make sure there were no spears stuck in it.

Some parts are a little strange like when Tanhaji gets captured I expected he would get captured as a unnamed thief not as Tanhaji Malsure but even so the movie will make you laugh, cry and even hide behind a pillow. The movie is so good you’ll forget you’re in a movie theatre and think you are right there watching the scenes in person. The people in charge of costumes, set design and the green screen effects did their jobs amazingly well. The armour and scabbards were perfectly placed.

Overall, it is a very uplifting movie which teaches us to respect our country and do our best however challenging the task. It shows that you must strive hard to achieve your goal. I feel that this is a very important lesson for us kids. So, go and enjoy the movie Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.

Jai Maratha!!!

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