The War with Grandpa – A Movie Review

The War With Grandpa #warwithgrandpa is a hilarious movie where, when Peter’s Grandpa moves in with his family, he takes over Peter’s room leaving Peter to sleep in the attic and this results in …………… WAR

A brilliant movie with Robert DeNiro #robertdeniro acting as grandpa in an ultimate prank-war with his grandson (Oakes Fegley). It came out this year and shows that if you don’t stop, even small things like pranks can snowball into a full-scale war. It also explains that experience is very helpful and that being old does not mean you are helpless. All packed into 94 mins of fun.

I liked some of the pranks the pair play on each other, like when Robert DeNiro removes all the screws in his grandson’s bed, table, and chair making them collapse when weight is applied (spoiler alert). I loved how when things start to go wrong, they become friends and accept that after all a bedroom is just a bedroom.

The characters are well shown, and you can understand their personalities. One of my favourite characters in the movie is Peter’s little sister and her obsession with all things Christmas. The acting was good from everyone and even Peter’s mom and dad played by Uma Thurman and Robert Riggle were amazing.

One of my favourite parts of the movie is what I call ‘The Dodgeball Match for The Bedroom’. Peter and Robert DeNiro have to assemble teams of four (three boys and a girl) and have a dodgeball match which is absolutely hilarious.

The movie board has rated this PG and I say really anyone above 5 years can watch this movie. It has some references to alcoholism but that’s about the only red flag. There is also a scene where Peter and his Grandpa break the law but any bad influence is removed almost immediately after a hysterical action sequence.

The movie is wrapped up in a tidy conclusion in which there is a perfect set-up for a possible sequel war. While I watched it, I could almost imagine the Title – War with Grandpa 2: How Dare You. I might later put up a script for what I think will be the perfect storyline BUT no promises yet.

To sum this all up, let me just say that War with Grandpa is a hilarious movie which everyone above 5 should watch. There are amazing action sequences and even better acting. Last but not the least this may be the first of a series on grandpa-grandson fun wars. So, go enjoy … THE WAR WITH GRANDPA!!

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