Anyone who knows me knows I’m an absolute bookworm. I love reading more than most other things, but like all people I like some books the best. Since 23rd April (the day I am writing this) is World Book Day I decided to talk about some of my most favourite books. Now I won’t be mentioning the typical Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings type books though they are epic! So, let the book parade begin!!!

TINTIN – Tintin is just such an amazing book series though some readers will scoff and say, “I don’t read comic books.” The truth is these are so much better than regular comics. The Belgian reporter’s resourcefulness, bravery and wits added to by a smashing hairstyle make the character one of the best I have ever read. Presently my favourite Tintin is King Ottokar’s Sceptre, though The Black Island is a close competitor.

JUST WILLIAM – My first spot for comedy. With its amazingly described scenes and captioned pictures this book series will leave you rolling on the ground laughing. The language is a little tough to follow but if you put your mind to it every word will register. The books are all collections of short stories illustrating the madcap adventures of William Brown the most mischievous kid in the world. If you’re interested, I would suggest “The Rivals” from “More William” for a starter.

POIROT – While I did say for kids at the start, I NEED to mention this. Agreed the stories can be a little violent but mostly they are just fine. I first was introduced to Poirot as a TV series but discovered his books at my aunt’s house and read one in secret and I was hooked. Whenever his little grey cells worked, I felt like mine were working hard as well. Some kid friendly ones if you are interested would be “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”, “Poirot’s Early cases” and “Third Girl”.

MALLORY TOWERS – When I first heard of them, they were classified as “girl stories” but I got a book from a lending library that had the first three books, and they were absolutely amazing. I usually like books which include things like robbers and trapdoors and hair-raising adventure but here the problems are things like someone stealing a cake. Simply enjoy the books and mainly the characters because they are very well developed.

THE DOG WHO SAVED THE WORLD – This is a stand-alone book where two friends use a new interesting Virtual Reality device to save the world. This book is one of my new favourites and that’s something since I’m not a big fan of dogs. My apologies to all dog lovers out there. I recently interacted with the author of this book and he had some very interesting things to say about it. Really the book is a sci-fi/drama/fantasy/dog fact book all rolled into one. A must read for all children and dog-lovers.

Read these books, stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

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